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Leanne Rowe has authored many books, of which the following are available for purchase.

Every Doctor

  • healthier doctors=healthier patients
  • Exemplary care of patients, our profession
  • & ourselves is a life-long journey.
  • Self-care & protection during pandemic.
  • Maintaining a caring medical culture.
  • A medical leader in times of crisis.

Save your Life

  • and the lives of those you love
  • Authoritative but easy-to-understand
  • preventative health guide for the over 40s
  • Discover how to prevent or detect the
  • nine most common life-threatening
  • illnesses and add years to your life.


  • I'd like to tell the story of a patient
  • Albert was stolen from his family
  • at the age of four and was unable
  • to resolve his loss. One day, I was
  • called to Albert's isolated shack
  • ...more


Professor Michael Kidd and Leanne Rowe are currently preparing a second updated edition of their book, Every Doctor.

They would like to invite you to contribute brief opinion pieces or personal stories (up to 1000 words) about what you have found helpful during the pandemic.

All of us are continuing to experience the disruption of 2020 in different ways and they would like to include a range of your opinions in their new book.

How to submit

Please submit your piece or story using the form, including your contact details and permission to publish.